Spring Summer Skincare Regime | Biotique Advanced Range

Spring Summer is the perfect time to bring a change into your current skincare regime. If you are still using your heavy winter creams and lotions, your skin may get prone to breakouts. Your skin gets more sensitive and dehydrated in summer due to extreme sun exposure and sweating.

Therefore, altering your skincare routine in time will help you prep-up your skin to beat the heat this season. We have got you covered with a skincare regime featuring Biotique Advanced range that will help you get smoother, youthful skin throughout the season :

  • Cleanse : You should cleanse your skin atleast twice daily in summers to remove all impurities, makeup and excess oils. BXL Cellular Foaming Cleanser is a 100% Soap-free gel that cleanses your skin thoroughly while softening and brightening the complexion.
  • Toning : Toning your skin regularly will help keep your pores closed and keep the skin cool and calm. We recommend  BXL Cellular Refining Lotion which is an excellent toner that immediately refines skin for a clean, clear, comfortable complexion.
  • Sun Protection : If you had been avoiding applying a sunscreen all through the winters, it’s time to stock the BXL Cellular Protection cream with SPF 40 UVA/UVB sunscreen which gives 40-times natural sun protection to your skin and prevents any adverse effects of harmful sun rays.
Sun rays also tend to damage the delicate lip tissue. You can protect your lips with BXL Cellular Lip Repair balm which would help keep your lips hydrated and repair dry, chapped lips.

  • Moisturize : Don’t skip on moisturizing your skin just because you are using a sunscreen. Keeping your skin hydrated is really important and BXL Cellular Hydrating Lotion is the perfect lightweight emulsion which hydrates all day while restoring skin radiance and resilience.
  • Exfoliation : Your skin accumulates dirt and dead skin cells a lot during summers. We recommend using BXL Cellular Rehydrating Scrub which unearths pore clogging debris and pollutants while making way for a perfectly fresh and smooth complexion. 
Besides following this skincare regime, you should also keep yourself well hydrated all through this season and have atleast 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep your skin soft soft and well moisturized. 
Eating nutritious foods and working out for atleast 30 minutes daily would keep your skin healthy and glowing all around the year.

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