Skincare Dos and Don’ts for Monsoon

The monsoon is finally here and we know how important it is to keep your skin fresh and smooth in this humid weather. And if you are going through the monsoon woes like losing the glow of your face and frizzy hair, we have covered some important Do’s and Dont’s to follow this season to protect your skin and hair from the rainy weather :

The DO’s

  • Keep your Hair Dry – Most of us like to get drenched in rain, but that shouldn’t mean that you keep your hair wet for long as it may leave your hair frizzy and damaged. You should wipe your hair dry as soon as you get home to keep them protected. Also, keep an umbrella or raincoat handy whenever you head out to protect your hair from rains.
  • Indulge in Spa treatments – Rainy season leads to hair breakage and frequent hair loss. To prevent this, you should go for regular spa treatments and if you don’t have time to go to a salon, you can use Bio Musk Root hair pack at home and then shampoo with Bio Kelp shampoo to make your hair soft, shiny and healthy.
  • Have a balanced diet – Dieting and depriving your body of essential nutrients and fats can make hair weak and skin looking dull. You should include foods like eggs, flax seeds, walnuts and dark green vegetables in your diet to get the nutrition of essential fatty acids.

  • Sun Protection – It doesn’t matter the sun is shining outside or not, harmful UV rays can harm your skin even when it’s raining outside. Therefore, it is essential to apply a moisturizing sun lotion like Bio Morning Nectar with SPF 30 before you step outside.
The DON’Ts 

  • Taking Hot Showers – While most of us enjoy taking a hot shower on a cold, rainy day, it is not at all healthy for our skin as the hot water dries out the skin and can cause damage to facial skin. It will be better to take a shower with Bio Honey Cream body wash using tepid water.

  •  Drinking Alcohol – Having too much alcohol in rainy weather depletes your body of Vitamin A, which is an essential anti-oxidant that helps in skin elasticity, and can lead to dehydration of skin, thus causing wrinkles.

  • Inadequate Cleansing – It is really important to cleanse your face thoroughly twice a day in monsoon to maintain its glow and keep the skin smooth. You should choose an exfoliating cleanser like Bio Papaya which will refresh your skin while giving you a beautiful complexion.
  • Ignoring Footcare – Our feet suffer the most in monsoons as we step into puddles or wear closed shoes which make feet sticky and sodden. It’s best to wear open-toe footwear in monsoons that would help keep your feet dry and go through a regular pedicure session. Using Bio Costus foot massage cream would also help in moisturizing the skin of your feet. 
These simple Do’s and Don’ts would ensure that you enjoy monsoon to the fullest while giving the best protection to your skin and hair.

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