Oil Your Way To Healthy Hair | Oiling Hair Benefits

Beautiful and healthy hair is desired by each one of us. And the one haircare mantra that has been passed on to us by our mothers and grandmothers is Oiling of hair regularly. Oiling of hair is not only recommended for treatment of damaged and lifeless hair, but also a good massage helps in stress relief and stimulates blood circulation to scalp.

In this post we are covering some amazing benefits of oiling your tresses regularly to maintain long and healthy hair :

  • Increases Blood Circulation – Oiling your hair followed by a massage with kneading pressure opens up the blood vessels and helps increase the flow and boost blood circulation. This helps prevent your hair from premature hair loss and other hair problems.

    • Conditions Hair – Busy work schedule, bad eating habits, exposure to sunrays, pollution and other factors can take a toll on the health of your hair. Regular oiling helps fight such hair damage with its deep conditioning action. 

    The best way to condition your hair is to heat oil to a certain temperature, apply it with a gentle motion and leave it on for an hour followed by shampooing with Bio Kelp shampoo

    • Prevents Dryness – If you have extremely dry or frizzy hair, oiling with Bio Flame of The Forest oil would help lock in the moisture and nourish the tresses. Oiling would help also help protect hair which has become dry due to coloring, styling or heat treatments.  

    • Encourages Hair Growth – Oiling hair on a regular basis through an effective massage helps promote hair growth. Massaging your scalp in a gentle movement would make the oil penetrate deep within the roots and enhances scalp circulation. 

    We recommend you to use Bio Bhringraj oil which has an intensive formulation that nourishes the scalp and strengthen the hair strands to prevent hair loss. You can leave on the Bio Bhringraj oil for 2-3 hours or leave it overnight for effective results.

    • Promotes Shine and Smoothness – If your hair lacks the lustre and shine you desire then you should oil your hair atleast twice a week to give your hair a natural shine. Also, you can use your hair oil as a leave-in conditioner by applying just 2-3 drops of oil to the entire length of hair.
    Make sure you use hair oil judiciously and wash it off after every application with a shampoo and a conditioner for effective results.

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