Monsoon Skincare & Health Tips for Kids

Monsoon means play time for kids who love getting drenched in the rains, splashing on the puddles and playing with dirty water. While rainy days bring a much needed relief from the scorching sun, they also bring a lot of challenges to healthy skin. Also, the increased levels of humidity can make your child’s skin dehydrated and prone to infections.

Here we are listing some important tips which you should follow as a part of your child’s daily skincare regime in monsoon – 

  • We recommend to use pediatrician approved products for your baby all year round but specially in the monsoon season as the baby’s skin is very sensitive and is prone to rashes and infection during this time. All Biotique products are pediatrician approved and recommended.

  • Change your kid’s wet clothes and shoes as soon as he comes home after getting wet, as it may cause fungal infections and make skin itchy or flaky. A good water bath with Bio Berry bubble bath is recommended. This 100% soap-free bubble wash refreshes and nourishes your baby’s skin naturally without causing any dryness. It is great for a relaxing, joyful bath for your child with the added benefit of keeping him clean and infection free. 

  • Use a talcum powder like Bio Basil & Red Sandalwood baby powder which helps absorb wetness and keep the skin free from rashes. The cooling powder has goodness of natural ingredients like pure basil, sandalwood etc. that keep your baby’s skin cool and dry all day.

  • Monsoon brings with it menace of insects like mosquitoes, termites etc. which can damage your baby’s skin. Make sure your kid’s bed has a mosquito net and you use a mosquito repellent on his skin to prevent from mosquito bites.

  • Wash your child’s hair with Bio Green Apple baby shampoo to rinse away all the dirt and impurities the hair must have soaked in while getting drenched. This gentle baby shampoo has the goodness of pure green apple extract, is pH balanced and rinses hair easily. This shampoo is also pediatrician recommended, as are the other baby products.

  • Kids have a very sensitive skin and high humidity levels in monsoon can cause rashes or skin infections. So make sure you are keeping your child’s skin hydrated with a moisturizing cream like Bio Wheat Germ cream which protects his skin from dryness and irritation all day long.  It also helps seal in moisture and nurture baby’s delicate skin.

  • Children love to savor oily snacks and foods in monsoon season, but they should not be allowed to binge on these fatty food items. Higher humidity makes digestive system weak and therefore junk food can cause indigestion in kids.

  • Make sure your kid is wearing light clothing in the rainy season and carries along an umbrella or wears a raincoat whenever he goes out in the rain to prevent him from getting drenched and thus catching ailments like common cold or fever.
Along with these tips, make sure your child is drinking enough water (atleast 5-6 glasses per day) and eating a balanced diet to keep him healthy and fresh this season.

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