Biotique Baby Care Collection – For Your Baby’s Complete Skin Care

Your baby’s skin very delicate and demands special care and attention. Biotique understands that your baby deserves only the best and therefore our carefully designed Baby Care Collection using Biotique’s proven Ayurvedic recipes would be the best gift for your baby.

Biotique’s Baby Care Collection comprises of 6 essential products for your baby’s complete skin care.

The collection features the following products –

  • Bio Green Apple Tearproof Shampoo – Washing your baby’s hair has to be dealt really carefully as a shampoo may get into his eyes. But with Bio Green Apple 100% soap-free tearproof shampoo, you need not worry as it cleanses your baby’s delicate hair and scalp gently without causing any dryness or irritating baby’s delicate eyes.
  • Bio Almond Soft Massage Oil – In the growing years, massaging your baby’s skin is really important to keep it soft and smooth. Bio Almond oil has the goodness of almonds, margosa and coconut oils with other natural ingredients that help nurture your baby’s soft skin. 
  • Bio Honey Cream Body WashYour baby needs a gentle body bath and Bio Honey Cream 100% soap free gel is a perfect pick to cleanse and nourish baby’s sensitive skin. The body wash is a rich and natural blend of pure honey, aloe vera, manjishtha, nutgalls carrot and  sandalwood that helps protect your baby’s skin.
  • Bio Morning Nectar Moisture LotionYour baby’s skin is prone to dryness very often and it needs to be moisturized well throughout the day. Bio Morning Nectar baby lotion acts as a blanked on your little one’s delicate skin and safeguards it from dryness and irritation all day long, making him feel pampered and fresh.
  • Bio Milk Nurturing Moisture Cream –  A baby’s skin should be moisturized as often as possible as it tends to dry out too soon. Bio Milk is a nurturing cream which is blended with pure extracts of milk protein, wheat germ, almond oil, honey and seaweed that will keep your baby’s skin velvety-soft and fresh. 
  • Bio Basil & Red Sandalwood Caress Body Powder – Most babies get rashes caused by nappies or tight clothing. Bio Basil and Red Sandalwood body powder keeps your baby’s body dry and free from nappy rashes, while keeping it cool and soft whole day long.

The Baby Care Collection kit is now also available on our website 

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